​​​​​​​Pets -  We Love Pets but we must have rules, If we get on to you it is because you didn't follow the rules. And the Rules are Simple. Pets are allowed, One Pet per camper preferred but no more than Two. NO Aggressive Breeds including No Pit bulls, or Dogs that are Bread with an Aggressive Breed. ( so if your dog is a Mix Breed and has some Pit bull in it please don't even ask if you can stay here.) All Pet Waste MUST must be picked up immediately and placed in plastic bag then put in trash bin.  NO excessive Barking Dogs will be tolerated. Must have Vaccines. No Pet Items allowed to be washed or dried in the Campground Laundry Room. No Dog or Cats allowed in the Bath House or in or around Pavilion.

Any Fencing for small dogs only must be approved by Sunset Pines before installation. If your small dog is in a small play pin out side you must be out side with it, they are not to be left outside by their selves.  No Large dog pens or fencing aloud or outside crates allowed. No runners between trees . All pets must be on a leash at all times outside of your camper.

Cats - if you have a cat, it must be on a leash if you have it outside, No cats are to be let out side at night to runaround, as they runaround and Jump on peoples vehicles. Sorry if these rules seem extreme but we have had stuff happen and don't want a repeat. Thank you!

Fire Pits - Are Provided

Alcoholic Beverages -  A Totty For The Body is Always a good thing after a long Day Fishing. But Drunkenness will not be tolerated.

Fishing -  Fishing is permitted in Designated areas of the pond.

There are two houses by the pond, Fishermen may walk in front of the houses to get to the other areas of the pond, we just ask that you don't fish in front of them for their privacy.

Golf Carts - Golf Carts are welcome. Visiting Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bath House - Please Help Keep the Bath houses Clean, as they are Designed for you and It will be your second restroom away from Home.

They will be Cleaned Regularly, Please respect Time for other Campers.

No Pet Items allowed in the Washer or Dryer, Or Clothing that is covered in Pet Hair. Please us the Local Laundromat Down Town.

Speed Limit - Keep all speed under 10 mph .

ABSOLUTELY NO grease or oil should be disposed of through your grey or black tanks or dumped directly into the sewer system. You will be charged for any repairs required to the septic system and asked to leave immediately if caught dumping grease or oil. No Cigarettes, no wet wipes, just camper grade toilet paper allowed in the septic system.. 

Rules - All Rules are Subject to change at anytime.

Cautions - No Fire Works or Other Fires other than in your Fire Pit.

Quiet Time - 10:00 pm till 8:00 am ( if I have to call you because an another Camper complained that you were talking to loud outside their camper or playing music to loud and they have to work the next day Please don't be mad at them or me. They don't want to complain and I don't want to call you. If I have to call you more than 2 times you will be asked to leave with out a refund) Sorry if these rules seem extreme but it has happened and it is stressful and we don't need stress. 

Trash must be placed in garbage bags, house hold garbage only.

Then place in the Dumpster. No burning Trash in a barrel or fire pit.

Adults Only Campground, Visiting Grandchildren are allowed, but must be under adult supervision at all times. There will be a Guest Fee.

Two adults per Campsite. No friends or relatives are allowed to live with you. Only 2 adults at all times unless you have a working Crew with you and you will be charged extra for the 3rd person. 

Kids - Keep in mind that this Park is designed for an Adult Only RV Park, so if by chance we let a family with children stay for a few days. The kids must be under adult supervision at all times, even if they go to the bathhouse, pond or anywhere. Kids must stay in your own site, or places we say they can play. Do not go through other sites and No ball playing of any kind near or around any other RV's or Vehicles. We have a field away from RV's to play in. ( sadly we had to make these rules because we had children hit RV's and vehicles with a ball, and had kids running through other sites, and toys left in the roads.  No toys or bikes left in the roads. And please don't get mad If one of my Other RV campers call me with a complaint and I have to call you, They didn't want to call me and I don't want to have to call you, We like it peaceful. If I have to call you more than once you will be asked to leave with no refund. We love kids and we have kids, but this park is designed for Adults and a Quiet atmosphere, that is why people choose this campground, it is for Retired Couples, Working People and College students.

Vehicles - Two Vehicles per Campsite, No Non running Vehicles will be permitted. Guest must park in designated Guest Parking.

Firearms - NO discharging Firearms in the Campground, there is a shooting range less than 4 miles from the Campground.

Lot Up Keep -  You must keep your lot neat, and Pine straw raked from Gravel. May put out small signs but nothing larger than 2' x 2'.

Flags welcome. No Totes under your Camper in sight.

Plants, Flowers are welcome, but please ask so they aren't in the way of mowing or weed eating.

No clutter of any sort will be permitted.

Sunset Pines reserves the right to have tenant  remove anything removed that exceeds neat and orderly.

Disorderly conduct or Domestic Arguments  - will not be tolerated at all and you will be asked to leave the campground. If the Police are called to your camper you will be asked to leave. No foul language that can be heard from other campers is also grounds for leaving. And speeding through the campground is not tolerated.

​( we made this rule, because this actually happened, they were gone the next day.) 

Note - No other Family or Friend is allowed to live in your camper with you. They may stay all night as a guest. but no longer than a week.

They must pay the guest fees and abide by the rules.

Drugs - No illegal drugs  of any kind are aloud in the campground. If we suspect or see illegal drug activity of any kind you will be asked to move. That will not be tolerated. And the Police will be called.

Note -  Please don't think we are Super strict, we are Friendly, Loving laid back Christian people. Sadly we have had to make all of  these rules because all of this stuff has actually happened.

We really look forward to you staying with us and we hope to provide a safe and enjoyable, welcoming and stress free environment for you.

Rules and Regulations


Pines Pavilion - is a hang out spot built for Sunset Pines RVLiving Campers and their Guest. All guest must follow the rules of  Sunset Pines. No pets of any kind aloud in or around the Pavilion. and No Smoking in or near the Pavilion.

It has a TV, Radio, Kitchen with Oven, Tables and a Roll a round bar and several seating areas. You are welcome to purchase fire wood and make you a fire in the firepit out side. It is a great place to hangout and play board games, cards, have a potluck meal with other campers or just go and watch the Sunset and have a glass of wine. ( no we don't sale wine. lol )

When you use the building just keep it neat and clean just like you found it. If you fill the trash can up, take it to the dumpster and get a new bag for the trash can under the sink.

If you want to reserve the building to have a private party  or event just get with me about reserving the date and the security deposit and rules.

Items on Lot

Storage Sheds are permitted but may ONLY be Small plastic or Wood construction No larger than 3' x 3' x 6 ft tall. Must be kept next to your RV on your gravel. All storage buildings or containers  Nothing may be purchased or constructed before being approved by Sunset Pines RV Living.  You may build Steps or a small Porch , but NOTHING may be connected or built to your Camper and must be approved. Anything you put on your site must be approved by Sunset Pines RV Living and must be able to be moved with a tractor.

No outside Freezers or refrigerators are aloud in your Campsite because they pull extra amps and you only have 30 or 50 amp sites.  No Other Vehicles other than 2 are allowed. No storing boats or utility trailers on your campsite unless approved by Sunset Pines.  No junky stuff allowed. All Flags, wind chimes, birdfeeders plants must be kept on the gravel, so we can mow the grass . We do spray for weeds, but you must keep weeds pulled in your gravel area. We are striving to have a beautiful neat campground.    

All activities are undertaken at your own risk. GJN,LLC and Sunset Pines RV Living assumes no liability for injuries or death. You must keep insurance on your RV . 

And is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. For your own protection, secure your RV's & vehicle and valuables. And Not responsible for falling trees do to a storm or act of nature. 

WIFI - Our Internet and Cable TV service is offered as a free convenience to our guests. Sunset Pines RV Living cannot control service interruptions. If your WIFI or Cable TV is not working please let us know.

Smoking  - No Smoking in or around the Bathhouse  or Pines Pavilion or any other structures owned by Sunset Pines RV Living. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground if caught you will be asked to leave the campground.

Sunset Pines RV Living

FOR EMERGENCIES - CALL 911    immediately and then call the Office  Denise 478-230-9118

​Jack 478-308-0026



RV's - Motor Coach must be Approved by Sunset Pines RV Living. Must be nice and clean. Must be in working order, converter, Air, refrigerator, Septic, Electric, etc. If your RV is not in working order , if not fixed with in 1 week you will be asked to leave.

Sunset Pines RV Living reserves the right to turn down any RV or  Motor Coach.

Any RV or Motor Coach  site not paid after 15 days will be moved to our storage lot and will be charged a fee of 30.00 per day. And if left in our storage lot with out paying the 30.00 per day will become the property of Sunset Pines RV Living and or Sold after 1 year.


We do not accept anyone that is or has been on Probation , Has been Convicted of a Felony or that has been Convicted as a Sex Offender or that has been involved in a Domestic Abuse.

 Welcoming Retired Adults - College Students - Contract Workers Extended Living  for RV - Motor Coach