Sunset Pines RV Living in the making.

   We took some of our land and had the pine trees cleared out for the campsites.  We took a whole row of pine trees to make the entrance road.  Ditch witch, back hoe, and a lot of blood and sweat and kelp from some very dear friends.  Jack, Kenny, Keith, I (Denise) and even the boys got in on the work. Tucker, Lee and Kyle ( the Clean up crew)

   Jack is truly a Jack of all trades, as you can see by the pictures, he can do just about anything he puts his hands on.  Beautiful Fire Rings, I would draw the images on the tanks and Jack would do his magic with the welding torch.  I made the state of  Georgia with Scrap wood. The Gravel went down, and Jack and I planted beautiful Shrubs and Camellias on every site, and a few Gardenia's.

The Bath House was a lot of fun, from the concrete to the wood siding it was completed before we knew it.

The Tile and the Sink really set the Bathroom off and give them the cozy cabin feel. We even had a Mama Bird that was very patient with us while we were building the bath house, she never gave up on her babies. She would feed the babies when we were putting boards on the bathhouse. Her nest was right on our saw table, we covered it up with a tarp and she would fly in every evening when we got done working.

Hope you enjoy everything, as we enjoyed the Journey of making it all come to life.

Sunset Pines RV Living

Under Construction

LP Gas Tank is available from Davis Propane, if you are planning to have a long term lease.  Located 1 mile away -

Call Mike Davis 478-934-4003 for price.

We can build a Deck on Skids for you , You will have to pay for the materials and labor.  You may sale your deck when you leave or we will pay you the cost of materials and depreciation of the wood.

Fire Wood is available for sale at the Office.

Fat lighter for starting camp fires for sale at the Office.

Services Available

Sunset Pines RV Living

 Snowbirds - Adults - Retired - Contract Working   Extended Living    for RV - Motor Coach




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Services with in 1 to  3 Mile of Campground

US Post Office

Davis Propane

Harvey's Grocery Store

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